Kia Orana


Kia Orana is Hello in Cook Island.  Some might say “oh like the kiwis say Kia Ora?” I’m not sure if its one word or two but anyway it is but don’t think that we come from them they actually come from us.  The one who started the whole Maori clan was from the Cook Islands so yes the language is very similar to the Cook Islands.  So anyway, My name is Grace, I am Cook Island and am currently living in a small town in Western Australia.  PORT HEDLAND! Home for me is undecided at the moment I do have a house back in the Cook Islands waiting for me to settle in it but at the moment I’m exploring my options 🙂 so its just a little holiday home for the moment 🙂 So do let me know when you’re heading to the Cook Islands and need a place to stay and we can work something out 🙂 … The picture above was taken in the Cook Islands on the island of Rarotonga you won’t find beaches with coconut trees here in Hedland just bushes that are almost dead and big funny shaped rocks which I actually don’t mind the look of anymore and think that you can get great photos with. I mean check it out can you see what I can see haha like how the hell do you do the emojis on your PC lol Photography is something I am passionate about so you will see a lot random pictures like this 🙂

So anyway, this blog is basically just me and every little adventure I go on.  Most of which will probably be on beach 🙂 I love salty adventures but I also love bush adventures.  I will also write about my fitness experiences and what I believe works for me.  Health and fitness is something I am also passionate about.  Besides being at the beach to clear my head the gym is also where I like to go for therapy.  Funny how something that makes your heart rate go off can be so therapeutic haha Oh , lets not forget food.  Food is life !!! I am vegetarian since last December,  but I am the kind that eats seafood.  I believe the term for my kind is Pescatarian 🙂 I could never ever give up seafood.  So that’s it for now, follow me for laughs, salty and bush adventures and my insight on sports and fitness 🙂


xo Gracie



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