Bali Hai and Cable beach in Broome

Our little trip to Broome so far has been good. We are staying at the Bali Hai, I’ve never been to Bali but if this is what Bali is like then its exactly like being in the Cook Islands and I will definitely enjoy my trip to Bali in August 😃 Palm trees, frangipani trees, hibiscus trees and outdoor showers 😊 so simple so tropical I love it.  Wifi also isn’t that great its only strongest around the pool area and reception area.  Thank God for cell phones 🙂


Yesterday we went to Cable beach after we did a little shop the beach was amazing I was so excited when we got there haha my friends gave me a weird look when I asked if they were as excited as I was haha the beach is so pretty. Its so big , has white sand , camel rides , water so clear its amazing. A lot of the locals came down later in the afternoon to watch the sunset which I thought was pretty amazing. So many photographers there with their camera. It was amazing. Even my friends enjoyed just being there. We even got to see little gymnasts do tricks on the beach. I had never seen gymnasts up close they were so good. The view, the water was just beautiful I felt so happy being there. We are definitely heading there everyday till we leave.IMG_7722




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