Pretty Stones and shells

DCIM100GOPROGOPR2645.JPGIts our last day here in Broome and I’m a little bit sad to be going back to Hedland.  Seriously so in love with the beach here.  Yesterday I was there alone for almost the whole day, my company wasn’t to excited about the heat and getting dark but I’m all for that stuff so she ended up leaving 10 minutes in.  Shell collecting is hobby of mine and I did collect a few while down there I even brought home a pretty looking rock/stone.  Little souvenir from my favourite beach.  I really am in love with this beach I might actually like it better than the beaches in the islands.

The Nude beach is located to the right I only saw one guy nude which was a little disturbing for me to see , most people walk about 3ks out then get nude but this guy was only about 5 meters away from where I am standing in the picture above and fully stripped down and walked past me as I was taking a photo of the shells in the sand.  I actually wanted to try tanning nude but the walk was way to long and I just wanted to take photos already.






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