Going Solo And Need Good Photos On Holiday

With the photos I took on my little trip to Broome it was almost as if I was there alone.  My friends aren’t as adventurous as I am.  Well they weren’t on that trip and make up, sleep and food are the least of my worries when on holiday.  So anyway, I spent a lot of time on the beach alone with a bottle of Matso’s Mango beer, my GoPro and cell phone.  I don’t usually drink beer but it just felt right to have a beer and I enjoyed it.  It was perfect.  All 3 days I went down to the beach there was an old guy that went down every morning with his beach chair and a few bottles of beer.  He would just sit there and look out at the ocean.  He looked so happy.

Everyday spent at the beach was perfect.  But when it came to taking photos I had no one to take it and did not want to ask a random person to take the photos.  I loved the beach so much I needed photos and all I had was my cell phone and GoPro on a Selfie stick.  GoPros and selfie sticks are the best things to have when on holiday.  So anyway, I needed the GroPro placed on higher ground.  So that it was close to eye level.  So it looked like someone else took the photos :D.  I had so many things in my handbag that could keep the GoPro standing upright.  There was a very big rock with a flat surface, quite tall, think it came up to my chest.  And my selfie stick was adjustable.  I got the best photos.  I have an app on my phone that allows me to control my GoPro.  So in my photos it seems as if someone else took the photo of me.  Just a girl sipping on some mango beer in a bikini and checking her cell.  #Skills


On my last day I wanted photos of myself right next to the water on the sand.  All salty and wet Lol.  So I needed the camera on the ground but still a little higher than ground level.  Again the selfie stick.  Best thing ever.  I stuck the selfie stick in the ground adjusted the stick to my eyelevel with myself on knees and just set it to video and posed away.  I didn’t want my phone in these photos so I set it to video and later just took screen shots of my favourite poses.  So many great shots.  Get a GoPro and a selfie stick. Even photos taken by hand with a selfie stick look pretty good.

Selfie stick Selfie

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